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"Ouvi dizer"

MARIA GALVANY sings "Ouvi dizar" by Julio Neuparth--FADO PORTUGUEZ--Victor record 87061, recorded May 12, 1908. BRILLIANT singing & a BRILLIANT recording. Contrary to what you're thinking, some of you night recognize the latter part of this song, which is very beautiful and lively.

This disc was never released in the U.S., which explains why it's generally UNKNOWN.

In Dec. 2008, the composer's great- grandson, Antonio Neuparth Sottomayor, sent an email from Portugal that included a picture of Galvany and the 1903 program where the song was introduced to the public. FADO was written FOR Maria Galvany.

Galvany made 22 "G & T Victor" recordings, most of which were not in U.S. catalogs.

Marisa Galvany (1878-1944), one of the most dazzling coloratura sopranos who every lived, was born in Granada and studied at Madrid Conservatory.

She made her debut as Lucia at Cartagena in 1897. Specializing in coloratura roles, she sang with great success in Spain and Italy, gaining her greatest popularity in South America. She also toured with a company that performed throughout Europe, including Russia, where she was a favorite singer.

In London in 1909, she appeared at Drury Lane as Amina, Rosina, and in the title role of Meyerbeer's Dinorah. In Lisbon she sang uninterruptedly for 15 years at the Coliseu.

She gained great success in Parma, Venice, and Genoa. Galvany NEVER appeared at La Scala, the Met, the Teatro Cólon, or Covent Garden.

She retired to Brazil, taught for a period, and died there in poverty. (Daqui)

Acerca do autor:

(Rev. Occidente 1901)

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yaprak dökümü final izle disse...

thank you

Ti Maria Benta disse...

Uma maravilha que já tinha chamado a minha atenção. Foi o mote para adquirir uma série de árias e impressionar-me ainda mais com a textura desta voz em coloratura... com um triste Fado. Obrigada por partilhá-la aqui.

MLeiria disse...

De nada, Comadre. Pelas minhas contas, não tarda que tenha uma "discoteca" fabulosa!... Parece-me que, ou começo a ficar com complexos da minha "discotinha", ou inveja da sua "discotona"... Das duas, três! :-)
Maravilhoso este Fado, é verdade. Quantos outros não andarão por aí "perdidos"!